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Your EMS business

Electro Muscular Stimulation

Return on investment in a year by providing 8 trainings 6 days a week, contemplating only 40 effective weeks of the year.
By being efficient with the expenses it can be considered a profit range of between 30% and 50% (considering fixed expenses such as rental, payroll, petrol, etc.)
Providing 48 weekly EMS workouts through the 40 effective weeks of the year to fully recover your investment

20 to 25 minute workouts


6 hour a day 6 day a week

30% to 50% profit

Considering only the 40 effective weeks of the year

Name your price and offer value properly

Add value +

Choose your specialty


Fitness: effective 20 minute workouts


Health: Treatment of injuries and diseases


Beauty and Anti-aging: Your ideal body, younger for longer


Return on investment in 1 year

Considering only 40 effective weeks of the year, being efficient with operating expenses and delivering 48 EMS sessions a week

Short training

Workouts are very efficient and might take from 20 to 25 minutes, 48 weekly EMS sessions, trough the 40 effective weeks of the year.

30% y 50% profit

You migh have a profit from 30% to 50% by handling of expenses correctly; such as petrol, rental, payroll, others.

Invest in providing value

The preventive health, beauty and fitness niches are services which people are willing to pay a premium service that’s really is worth it.

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